Mini-project two: Infants & Invalids [1891]

1 07 2010

This 1891 advert caught my eye because, throughout 2009 stocking a grocery store, it was my job to keep the baby formula (or, as most locals in South Carolina call it, “baby milk”) in stock.

Mellin's Food for Infants and InvalidsMellin's Food for Infants & Invalids

“This is an advert for Mellin’s food for infants & invalids. Artificial food for children and infants became available when Justus von Liebig advertised his ‘perfect’ infant food in 1867. The first mixture was of wheat flour, cow’s milk and bicarbonate of potash. It was initially sold as a powder and later was available as a liquid. Soon other manufacturers like Mellin’s, Nestle‘s and Horlick’s started to produce their own food. Mellin’s was made with desiccated malt extract.” (

2009 baby formula uk advert

Baby formula options of today.




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